Sexual Harassment – It is Not Okay

#Metoo movement helped so many people to speak about their experiences against social harassment. There are so many movies and web series on brutal sexual assault have been released so far. Mardani 2 (Indian movie), Unbelievable (American Drama series), “Man Enough” a web series about male privilege in the age of #Metoo (American web series) and much more fictional and true story based movies and web series have been realised following up the same storyline of sexual harassment. Mardani 2 is inspired by real incident of rape and murder. The movie shows how after brutal sexual assault the victims are murdered. Similarly, Unbelievable is an American drama series also follow up true story line in which an 18 years old girl reports about being tied, raped and was captured in the camera throughout the incident. “Man enough” is a web series which was inspired by the #Metoo movement in which all the women and men share their experiences of them being sexually harassed and redefining masculinity.  
I feel so sorry for all of us. Slowly we are developing and getting modern but we are unable to stop the culture of sexual harassment at workplace, home, street, educational premises and at other places. Those who are sexually harassed at their younger age realise it later and they feel a sudden change in their perspectives regarding everything. They feel guilt and shame. Sexual harassment is so ugly that it turns uglier when the victim does not speak against it. Speaking after so many years do not give any justice and the sinner always remain free. They keep on assaulting and harassing more people until nobody speak against them. So many movies and web series have been realised but still people think that sexual harassment is normal and we should ignore it. Those people who witness sexual harassment are equal part of the sin. Staying quiet when someone is doing so dirty to someone is the saddest part of everything. Those people who ignore the victims of sexual harassment when they try to share the horrifying moment of the dirty work done to them need to know that this can be done to them and their close one too. 
Staying quiet and advising to stay quiet can become the biggest mistake of the life. Never sit quite against sexual harassment and speak up if you want your sinner to be punished and don’t want other people to suffer same thing.

By Tanya Bhatnagar

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