The Greenlight List for Online Dating Apps

Online dating apps are like a knife which is sharped from both the sides and therefore it depends upon us how we use it. While using online dating apps we should definitely follow some do’s and don’ts which will keep ourselves safe from unnecessary crowd. Online dating apps results actually depend upon our fate and that is why it is more likely a fate game.

Following are some dos and don’ts one should follow while using online dating apps:

  • Do not ever pretend what you are not. Always try to show your real side.
  • Do not put up so much personal information. It is okay to be yourself but avoid sharing to much personal information.
  • Do not assume everyone is as good as you are. Stay safe and alert.
  • Do keep yourself away from fake ids and scams. Since everything is done digitally therefore you can’t see what is on other side, so stay away from scams.
  • Do not carry any emotional baggage from previous relationships.
  • Do not decide any meeting based on the photographs of the person. Research about the person before going for any real meeting.
  • Do try for phone calls after messages before planning any date. May be the person on other side is taking help from a friend or a ghost writer.
  • Do not rush, take things slow.
  • Do keep yourself away from unnecessary crowd.

If you are searching for your real ThatMate using online dating apps you should follow above mentioned greenlight list if you don’t want to indulge yourself in any trouble.

By Tanya B.

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