What can you do?

A lot has been written and spoken about what a girl has to do while she is on her period. But very less talk on what others have to do when their family members or friends or even a stranger is on periods. It is equally important for men, women and everyone to know what happens to a girls body when she is on her period.

 So some of the simple tips to keep in mind when your loved one is on her period:

  1. Always, give them the space and time to rest and recover. If they have heavy flow, make them a warm bed and let them rest up. One can also heat up a water bag and put it on areas where it pains. 

  2. Give them something warm to drink and something healthy to eat. Fruits, chocolates and also warm milk helps. It helps with bringing up the energy levels which can reduce a lot.

  3. Hormonal changes can result in mood changes and irritability even about a week before the onset of periods. Understand them during this time and don’t think they are behaving in a certain way because they are angry at you. It is mostly got to do with chemical changes in the body. 

  4. Encourage them to exercise during this time but don’t force them to, if they don’t feel like. Remember that everyone’s body is different. Some girls have heavy flow and some have light flow. It all depends upon how they are feeling on that particular day. 

  5. Support them, show them love and know that this is a hard time unlike how it’s shown in advertisements. Girls go through a varied emotions and physical changes during this time. 

  6. If someone is getting periods for the first time and they don’t know about it, don’t make fun of them. It is hard to figure out how things work when it happens for the first time. It is overwhelming and can be scary for few, who don’t know what’s happening to them. Help them by buying pads, menstrual cups or tampons for them. Educate them and yourself about the proper measures to take when it happens. On how to wear a pad right way.

Sometimes, a simple “hey, are you alright? do you need any help” can also go a long way. So make sure to be a true confidant and friend to the person. A small help goes a long way during this time. We are all products of periods. If periods didn’t exist, the human reproduction cycle wouldn’t have existed. Be aware and not be ignorant about menstruation. To educate yourself about the same, follow ThatMate and read up on articles and talks about periods. We have always focussed on helping everyone who is going through this transition.

By Shruti L.

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