What if Boys got periods??!!

Present day:
A lovely fresh morning and Mast. Ayush is still in a peaceful sleep. Coming to his room hustling,  his father wants him to get up and get ready for school.  Ayush is in 7th std & will be appearing for scholarship this year! 

As usual Ayush gets up & starts getting ready for school.  While doing it,  he notices a red spot on his underwear & pain in lower abdomen leaving him in fear & distress. Silently coming back to bed,  he sleeps again ignoring all the calls from his father who is busy cooking breakfast & getting his tiffin ready. 
Finally dad is up in his room asking him the problem. Ayush who is a brave and intelligent teen was full with fear and guilt, confusing his dad. 

“Ayush! What’s the matter dear?  Why are you not going to school?”
Saying this his dad removes his blanket noticing a red spot on his pyjama and bedsheet. Being very calm,  he hugs Ayush with love which comforts him. Dad then explains, “Ayush beta,  you have got your periods and you will be getting it every month for 4-5 days from now.  This is natural and all boys get it once they are at this age. This is a healthy process of your body!  Don’t be shy,  we all men,  from your Dadaji,  me,  your bhaiyya and now you are having it.  There is nothing to get ashamed about it.  Now cheer up, get ready and come for the breakfast! 

yush felt relaxed and went down for breakfast,  on the breakfast table was a packet kept of sanitary pads which his bhaiyya has got for him! 
His dadaji,  dad and bhaiyya made him eat his breakfast. Ayush was now ready to go to the school.  As usual he went to the pujaghar to pray and apply Tika before leaving for school.  His dad applied Tika on his forehead. Ayush touched the feet of Lord Ganesha’s idol!! 

He then went to school,  but was still uncomfortable as there was pain and he was bleeding. 
His friends noticed him in a silent mood today,  many of them asked him what was the matter, but Ayush was shy to tell his condition.  Krish,  his best friend and also his bench partner asked him what was the matter,  Ayush wrote on the page that he had started with his periods and that today was his first day.  Both started talking and Krish was trying to help Ayush.  Class teacher entered into the class and was taking the roll calls.  Teacher noticed both Ayush and Krish talking and made them stand up and asked,  “What is it that is making you talk so much,  please share with the class,  we all want to hear. ” Ayush was again shy but Krish answered , “Sir,  Ayush has started with his periods and it is his first day”. A small portion of the class laughed! 

With a smile the teacher said,  ” It’s okay Ayush,  we all men have to face this,  I also had my first day’

hen his teacher helped him go to the washroom and change his sanitary pad.  Sir also educated him on how to dispose it by wrapping in a paper and throwing on the dustbin specially kept for sanitary waste. 

This made Ayush confident.  He being the best football player in the school was not going to play today’s match because of his periods.  But now he was much comfortable and decided to play!  And his first strike was a goal!!! 
Periods did not stop him being happy and play his favourite sport. 

This is surely an imaginary story,  but what if it was Ayushi instead of Ayush??? 

Was it the same thing now?? 

Was it so easy for her to communicate? 

Was it possible for her to stand in front of pujaghar and pray by touching Lord Ganesha’s feet? 

The answers may vary,  but the common answer we would get is “NO”. It would not be the same. 

Girls and boys both undergo various bodily changes during puberty.

We need to make puberty out best friend and be comfortable with it! 

Let us end the taboo for menstruation and instead be her friend! 

Let us make our female friends comfortable and help her enjoy her puberty! 


By Shravni

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