What’s beneath the calm waters of a quiet relationship?

A romantic relationship involves an intimate bond shared by two passionate partners who instinctively develop mutual affection and emotional attachment. Although the relationship may go through several ups and downs, the emotional attachment does not wane.

However, have you ever felt you’re in a skewed relationship – Where there’s fights and arguments; no violence, and everything else is fine, but there’s just you and the physical presence of your partner? Have you felt emotionally neglected or manipulated? Or that the relationship is no more equal and pleasant, but rather a habit you’ve developed?

Well, if the answer is Yes, you need to give some serious thought to the relationship. ThatMate helps you identify and overcome relationship troubles. 

Emotional abuse involves hurtful verbal or non-verbal behaviours like yelling at or insulting the partner, belittling their views and saying degrading things, withholding or restricting the use of resources, questioning the validity of others’ side of the story, demanding obedience or seeking to control the partner’s life and the list goes on. There may not be physical force or sexual aggression, but psychological abuse in itself tends to have lasting impact on the partner and they may not even realize it at the onset. 

Emotional neglect is closely associated with abuse, in a manner that you feel lonely and misunderstood in the relationship, or have a sense of being ignored by your partner. The emotional support system may appear more or less one sided, with the partner refraining from being emotionally supportive, refusing to spend quality time or engaging in comforting, intimate exchanges of affection.  

Though overtly all appears to be fine, with no violence or fights or conflicts, these unhealthy behaviours of partners may subsequently escalate to make the relationship toxic, where your physical and emotional needs may remain unmet. Be aware of turbulence in your relationship and that might be the first step in working towards building a healthy relationship promoting mutual happiness. 

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By Ms. Asmita Dalvi

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