Rationale to understand Parenting

Human beings are bestowed with many beautiful gifts from nature. One of the most beautiful of them is a child.

We, as humans, have this special ability to understand feelings and empathize with other humans because of which a parent generally understands the need of a child even without the exchange of a single syllable.

But this understanding generally fades away when the child starts growing.

Undoubtedly, the dependency of a kid on parents never ends but with time the need for different relationships start holding place in their hearts.

This gives rise to many different emotions in parents like anger, doubts about their child and sometimes insecurities. These are very natural and can be reasoned because of their concern and love. But in the growing phase of a kid, this leads to irritation, hot-headedness and even ill-temperament of children.

This evokes the rationale to understand parenting.

It’s a beautiful science where the experiments involve emotions, love and moral development.

Realization of the need for external help in understanding children and their behavior is the first step towards better parenting. Help strengthens the relationships. This help can be received from various people like psychologists, child-growth books, and social media and even the child itself.



The help you seek today will give a better shape to the emotions and mental development of your child. Appreciate the need of parenting and never shy away to talk about your relationships. 


Be the ThatMate that their heart’s needs. 


-Mansi Pareek

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