What is happening to me?

“Ahhh… I have pimples on my face… What friends will think of me?”

“Hey cover your chest properly, YOU are big girl now…”

“Why are you listening to adult talks? You are still younger…” 

“Alice, look she is wearing bra…”

“There are hair growth on my that part….”

“Alice, do I have red stain on my uniform? It’s 2nd day of my periods


My journey as 13 to 16 years old has gone through all such situation…. Monstrous years….

I’m young or older? This question haunted me several times. I was only child so I was in my bubble for 12 years. And after my 13th birthday, my mom said, “Now onwards you will behave nicely with all you are a big girl now…” (What does that mean???)

Few days after, my friends were whispering something, when I went closer they stopped talking. Then I asked my friend what you were talking and she said, “You are young, we were talking adult things?” (I was 13 same as her age.) And one fine day, our school arranged movie show that movie was good but one scene was disturbing. One girl had bleeding from her private body part and someone said the girl was having periods. (What does that mean?)

Summer vacation of that year, I had the bleeding like girl in the movie, I ran towards mom and then she said, “My periods have started.” (This thing is periods…. Why?) After vacations, our school organized a session. In that session, Doctor told us about physical changes in body due to puberty. And this age span is called as adolescence…. (What a long word…)

So, I made note of those physical changes…..

Here’s what to expect in your body Alice.

1. Pimples on your face and body.

2. You start getting your period.

3. Hair grows under armpits.

4. Hair grows around genitals (This is called pubic hair.)

5. Growth of more hair on arms and legs, and the hair may get darker.

6. May feel some pain in arms and legs as I’ll grow (“growing pains”).

7. Development of breasts and will get bigger.

8. Hips get wider and body may become curvier.

9. More sweating and may be body odor.

10. Labia (the inner and outer folds of the vulva, at either side of the vagina.) may change color and grow bigger

The list is long but going through those changes was horrible task. But, I made it like everybody else. The journey was full of surprises, fear and happiness. This journey was pre determined by nature, you and me don’t have control on it.

You just need to be patient; I know it’s difficult when you see pimples on your face or having pains during periods. So girls, let’s face the change and start our journey to womanhood… My mother gone through same changes, I and my girl mates also went through those changes… And you will also go through it…..

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

– Mark Anthony

So dear girls, enjoy your journey, search your path, mess up and find your way out and Be yourself…..



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