How can I ask questions about Puberty?

Secondary school has just begun for you. It’s a new environment, new teachers, new school timings, blossoming friendships, competition for becoming the perfect…

You look into the mirror and see a pimply face, changing body you feel different…Your life is taking off but with so many changes ,not just around you but within you too…

As a child growing into an adolescent, it is but natural to have questions about all the changes you have been seeing recently. Puberty begins at a different time for everyone, so you might just be the only one in your friends circle seeing all these changes or you might even be the one who isn’t yet experiencing what your friends are talking about. In the family, it is more likely that you are the only odd ball feeling so different about your body. So what can you do about it? The simplest answer to this is to let your curiosity flow, ask,talk, and know what this rollercoaster ride is all about!

Whom to talk to – For a teen who is going through puberty,it is very obvious to feel awkward to ask about the physical changes they are going through. So for a start make sure you are talking to a person with whom you feel comfortable. It is not a bad idea to ask your friends about puberty, but it is more advisable that you ask questions to an adult who is knowledgeable and also emotionally capable of listening to you and answering you appropriately. Understand, you and your friends are teens sailing in the same boat, going through similar doubts and fears , so better to talk to an adult whom you trust wholeheartedly. It could be a parent, a relative, a teacher, or even a counsellor.

What to ask – As a teen going through so much of chaos,you will have many questions. Why the pimples? Why pubic hair? Why periods? Why changing appearances?Whatever things about puberty are making you feel curious,feel scared or worried, you can talk about them first.If you are a person who likes reason and science, you can be curious and ask about the scientific processes behind these changes. 

How to ask-  It is natural that whenever you are asking about puberty, you would want some privacy around you. So make sure you give your parents or the person you want to talk to, a prior idea that you would like to talk about something and you would like it if they keep some time aside for you.

As a child, it can be awkward or difficult to start talking about your doubts, so you can be honest about your awkwardness while you start talking.This is not a school subject you are having doubts about, so it is not necessary to know everything about puberty from before;It is okay to be completely confused.

Why to ask- As children and teens of the Gen Z, we are used to finding answers to our curiosities over the internet. However, puberty is a topic that needs a ‘human touch’. The information that we want to have needs to be reliable and valid, and there could be no one better than an elderly person who can tell us what is true and what is not. Also, it would be definitely fun to  get to know about our parents’, grandparents’ adventures during their teenage. Think about it, you might be alone in this right now, but everyone has been there some time!

Talk Emotions too- While you can visibly see the physical changes your body is going through, as a child going through puberty you will not be able see the emotional turbulence in your mind. So make sure you are also aware of the changes that you are only ‘feeling’, they are important too! Don’t forget to share your fears,worries that you might be having about the physical appearance. If you are feeling angry, sad or guilty than usual, also talk about that with the person you have chosen to speak to. It is always good to open up and ask questions rather than stressing about the questions all by yourself.

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