The Love, The me And you

The Love, The me. And you.

The Pain demands to be felt.

The line itself tells you the story which i am going to share with you all. I know it’s not a story but everything is a story when told by a person with his own goggles put on.

Our world runs on many aspects of human life, and above all those is love, Amur!!! As we start to grow and the puberty hits us, we start to have this certain tendency or the hormones and genetics choosing the one starts to evolve. The tendency is called “to be with someone”. Who is deeply madly in love with you. Listens to you, cares about you. But alas! What we desire is not always fulfilled by nature.

Once you find the “someone”, if that someone really corresponds to you, and nurtures your pros and eliminates your cons. Then it is no less than the perfect pair, Just like made in heaven. But if that person is there for his own selfish benefits, the story of your fairytale love goes way far than you realise and people threaten you to leave.

And here this goes. You get attached to the someone .the way that person treats you, rewards you with appreciation, listens to your problems. All of them. You get addicted to the voice of that someone and somewhere you start to get dependent for emotional support and that’s why we choose to be in this term called Relationship.

Now not every time the relationship end up with a happily ever after. NO! They go from the rails in hell too. And in that case we start to try fixing the rails so that we can get our emotional train on a smooth way. This is why we remain in that relationship where damage is done but we try to control it. And fix it. So that we cannot lose the emotional support. But this works very little now a days and we leave the people by fate or by choice.

Then, this phase comes. To be alone. In this case, the most hazard is done to extrovert people as they tend towards having more people activities around but they recover too as they have lots of friends who can help them. But in case of introverts, they suffer in their mind and soul. Who are all in mean alone. This alone term is pretty messy. It’s a tendency where we are always surrounded by people like our friends, family, and colleagues. But still we don’t have that person who won’t judge you, who will accept as you are. But no. That person is not in your life anymore and you can’t hold your emotions, your deepest desires to be shared with the someone.

And this is it. We choose to be in relationship because we don’t want to end up alone and that’s why we afraid to break up .if we broke up, we start on a quest to find someone again and this is how the cycle repeats.

by Prathamesh

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