Media Influence


“Hey buddy, what you think who is culprit?” I asked my collogue about infamous case currently in news.

“News channels have declared culprit… why you are discussing it?” He replied…

“Yeah. He is right…. It’s in on XYZ channel… GO and check…”  one more person joined our conversation.

“Ohhh…cut the crap watch PQR news… It says, another person is culprit…”



“Listen guys, what crap ABC is talking, it’s already on all news channel… Everyone is talking about ABC some are for and some are against….”

“shut up yaar…. This situation is making me crazy… First, those Corona news and now this….”

“Seriously yaar, few days back they were discussing about pregnancies of celebrities and their property..”


Somewhere in India….

“See, Journalism is 4th pillar of Indian Democracy… “

“I believe in that…”

“But look at condition of this pillar”

“What you feel then…”

“Alice, speak up, you are lost since we are discussing….”

“I know, I have freedom of speech, write and state opinion but when someone is babbling about situation, our duty is to stay quiet and find the truth.”

“Yes Alice, but truth should be stated; only finding will not work……”

“Obviously, but it should be done on time…. Would you sing a song in noisy place or wait to clam down noise?”

“Do you really feel people will listen truth after such noise???”

“My dear Friend, People listen what they want to listen… Sometimes, bitter things need to be told and as a media representative we need to take rage of people…. But this means that we have responsibility to present truth in the way we found and that should be whole truth… Because, half truth is sometimes whole lie….”


Again somewhere,

“See I want to know who is culprit… and that will be done by judiciary system not by everyone… Of course, we have ways to state opinions or express but we have to believe in justice…”

Media is plural form of medium right?? Which indicates that information is passed through that medium, right???

Now, It’s our responsibility that how we accept information…

Everyone has right to state opinion….

But, our opinion should not harass anyone personally…

Profession and personal space need to be maintained….

Negative influence should be avoided, but before that we must identify it….

Because, Poison will kill you any way even it is sweet to taste…. 



-By Shivani R.

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