Parents can phrase advice to their teens about coping with stress in ways that also help teenagers imagine the perspectives of others

Parents teen conflict can be Healthy


“Hi Meet, how are you?” Neeta asked in normal tone.

“I’m not fine just had fight with parents… they just don’t understand my problem…” Meet voice was too high.

“May I know the reason? If you are comfortable sharing….” Neeta

“Ahh… you know about me Neeta, I can tell you everything…. Yesterday, I was filling form for inter-college singing competition and dad said No because he thinks my study will be hampered… When I was young, he was the one who forced me to learn and participate in each competition. And now, when I really want to participate in this competition and he said No. What I should do? I was upset and I yelled loudly. So, my parents said that I am stubborn and arrogant. I’m not arrogant but I really want to participate and it won’t affect my studies because that competition is after exams….” Meet said in low voice.

“Ohh…. Meet, it’s very common to have fights but you know such situations can be handled in healthy way…” Neeta

“Fight??? In positive way??? What you are saying???” Meet was confused.

“Yes dear friend, Now you will go to your home… And you will speak about your study time table first and then you can discuss about your competition. And your tone will be calm and confident. And let them talk also about their views…” Neeta said

“I’ll try best…” Meet

“Don’t forget to tell about your experience…” Neeta

At home,

“Mom and Dad, I want to talk…. I’m sorry, my tone was harsh but my study will not hamper due to this competition and I want to participate…” Meet

“How you changed your thought process?” Mom

“It’s my secret mom… But I will tell you both… She is my ThatMate, Neeta who helps me to understand myself….” Meet

Today’s thought:

  • Conflicts can be healthy
  • And search your ThatMate who will help you to understand yourself…
-Shivani Remje
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