Teen Diary Entry #4

This year, I had been nagging my parents to buy me an electric guitar and a pair of sports shoes. However, my parents refused to buy me both the items. To motivate me, they had promised to gift me an electric guitar if I got a score greater than 90 in all the subjects in the second term examinations. I was elated when the exams were over since I was confident that I had performed well even in my most dreaded subject – Hindi.


On the day of the results, I found myself extremely nervous even though I knew I had done well. The first period of the day was Physics. Since Physics is my favourite subject, I was highly optimistic. Indeed, I had achieved a near perfect score. My teacher was extremely proud of me and handed me a chocolate as a reward. As the day progressed, I learnt of my marks in the other subjects. My English teacher lauded me for topping the class with a 96. I had done decently well in Mathematics and Chemistry and I had got more than expected in Computer Applications – a 97. Only one period remained. I was to receive my marks in Hindi.


In the Hindi class, my entire body shivered as I sat at my seat awaiting the results. On hearing my name, I went forward to collect my paper, my legs feeling like jelly. My teacher’s face was indecipherable. I slowly took the paper from her hands and was shocked when I saw my marks. I had achieved a score of exactly 90. I was delighted. However, as I went through my paper reviewing my mistakes, my smile turned into a frown. My teacher had made a totalling error and I should have got three marks less. I could see the guitar slipping away from my hands – or not. I had made my decision.

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