Teen Diary Entry #7

For the past few months, my parents had been wanting me to go outside and exercise. They felt I was wasting the entire day playing video games when I could make more effective use of my time through physical exercise. I tried arguing with them but to no avail. Even though I begged for a new laptop, my parents gifted me a bicycle on my fifteenth birthday.


The bicycle was formula red and its frame shone brilliantly under the sunlight. I ran my hand across the handlebars, taking pleasure in the cycle’s sleek design. I could not wait to try my new cycle out, zooming around the colony effortlessly. But that had to wait. The tyres had to be filled with air and the chains oiled.


After a few days, the cycle was ready to be taken outside. But I was not in the mood. In fact, I was not in the mood for several days. Despite my interest in cycling, I was not willing to put in the time and effort required for the activity. If I did it once, I knew my parents would make me do it again. So, I kept coming up with excuses to avoid trying out my new cycle. I told my parents I had homework. I told them I had tests. I told them I had to help my friends.


And so the stories went, again and again and again, until one day I told my parents I was willing to take my cycle outside. But it was too late. That very day, the COVID-19 scare enveloped the entire nation and my parents made me stay at home. Subsequently, the government announced the lockdown of the country. According to my community guidelines, no one was allowed to step outside their houses.


I am currently waiting for the COVID-19 situation to settle down. In the meantime, I told my parents that I could use my cycle inside the house. For once, they did not agree when I said yes.

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