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Be (Emotionally) Healthy!

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

Daily life offers a continuous series of ups and downs. Like ocean waves, our days come with highs and lows. The journey begins the day we are born and continues until the day we leave this earth. Being human means facing challenges. Suffering is one thing that all human beings have in common. This is why emotional health is so important. We will all face adversity in our lifetimes. Emotional health matters, to all ages, everywhere. Overall health includes emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual health. Every type here has impact on each other. So the healthy mind needs a healthy physique and for that we need a healthy emotional life.

So, emotional health can be described as the person’s ability to accept and manage feelings through challenges and changes. We often face many situations where we have to configure the situations and accordingly. Some people are adept at navigating this complicated world of human emotion, and some people struggle with expressing their feelings in a healthful way. So we all have to practice over the emotional health. Emotional health includes both emotional intelligence and emotional regulation. When the subjective experience of emotions is appropriate over a sustained period, emotional health is thought to be present.

What characteristics do an emotionally healthy person has? An emotionally healthy person is self aware. An emotionally well person can look at the self and redirect emotions, when needed, to navigate distress or elation. Working hand in hand with self-awareness is self-acceptance. Emotionally healthy people accept themselves and can better handle adversity with clarity. Self-compassion and care for one’s physical body are important to people who also place importance on emotional health.

Care for the whole self is intentional and regularly practiced. Having a strong coping skills toolkit is another characteristic of the emotionally healthy person. Practicing these skills when times are calm will result in higher levels of resilience when things are not so calm. An emotionally healthy person treats others with kindness and integrity. They do so without expectation of reward.

Emotional health is a major and important aspect of being healthy. Now in the time of this pandemic, one must follow these to be emotionally healthy. So it will not affect our physical and social health.

– By Prathamesh Bartakke.

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