Fear can hold you prisoner, Hope can set you free!


This line depicts the most contrasting yet same thing, same aspect of life. Living beings on earth are bound with some things, what differentiate us from other animals that only we can read and write those things. Things called Emotions and Feelings. But let me ask you, what you experience actually? Feelings or emotions?  Confused? I was too, before making you more confused, let me take you to this amazing venture of feelings and emotions.


We start our day, wake up in morning and when we the sunlight we experience a sudden happiness or may be opposite to it. Still we start our day. We start our journey to our work place to our college. In that way, we encounter many things: roads, some shops, things for display, vendors, sounds and lot of things. We give or make opinion on those things based on how they give us experience. If we see a favourite colour of us, we experience joy, we listen to lines by our beloved singer we experience sudden enthusiasm, we listen to argument and we give a dislike expression. These all are expressions expressed on the moment we experience the things. The reciprocation that we receive from the outer world. These are called Emotions, which are instant and for a short term. We just give an expression and we let go the emotional response to the things. So what emotions actually we experience. I know I am using the word Experience more often. I will certainly explain it. Just a little patience.

Emotions are in various types: joy, fear, sorrow, anger, lust, sadness and mix up of them too. We can experience sadness because we are missing something and suddenly that thing comes up to you, it turns up into joy. News comes and you start to feel scary, uncomfortable. These experiences are short lived, for a short time. What emotions tell about us is what kind of attitude we have. How we are facing the challenges and dangers within a moment or in short span of time. Emotions are affected of external words. Just like you swear to your friend, and get angered with your boss if he annoys you.

Now again, let’s come to the start.  We wake up in the morning and the very first thing we experience is we are alive, safe and sound. We sleep at the night without any care that do I wake up tomorrow or not. We start to live our basic expression at the start of the day. We feel confident, we feel energised, and we start our journey again. So here you feel annoyed on the road while travelling. You get irritated but still you keep yourself calm and choose not to feel irritated. Cause you’re adapted to those things. You see the Lights are green at the Traffic signals but they are changed to red in fraction. You can escape the signal but you choose to not to go cause you feel that is wrong. You see a dress in a shop window. You like the colour but the design makes you dislike it because you feel uncomfortable in that pattern. You always feel loved, respected with some people who treat you well and without any judgement. This is how you are grown and developed all these expressions and you live with them until you’re dead. These are the Feelings.

 Feelings are what we have experienced deep inside the mind over the years and years while your growth. The expressions, experiences that give you a meaning to live. In development of feelings, emotions matter and vice versa, I must say.  Emotions are the juices of your long developed Feelings. You express emotions according to your feelings and feelings can modify throughout with the change in experiences. Just example. When you do something for someone, without expectations and if you’re appreciated for it, you feel immense happiness and you do it on repetitive basis. But if someone took the advantage of this, you feel sadness, betrayed and you think over the feelings again. So this is what happens. Feelings help you to alert yourself from upcoming threats or dangers also. These are for long term. We love the things that give us happiness. And it is for forever I will say. Feelings stabilize your attitude. Your way of living. And feelings determine how your emotions will ride you…


This is All about Emotions and Feelings. I will say. Remember,

“Feel the feelings but don’t become the emotion,

Witness it, allow it, and release it”…

-By Prathamesh Bartakke

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