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Who I want to be…

“Are you sure you are not going to collect your entrance exam result?”

“Why should I? See my admission is confirmed and I know I don’t belong to engineering or medical field…”

“Are you sure but these are the trends very common now a days?”

“See, if everyone will do the same, how I will stand out?”

“Then, who you want to be?”

“Who I want to be? Simple, I want to be myself…..”

This is me in 2012….

My friend and I were having above conversation outside our Jr. college.

But why I am talking about this??? Because I had the same question few days back, WHO I WANT TO BE?

Year 2020 went in fear of COVID 19, no work in hand, tension about salary and uncertainty about survival. So, I had thought who am I? And what I will be after this?

From that thought trail, I started working on skills and values from yesterday (New Year’s resolution). So from childhood we have set of a value which keeps developing day by day. Means for me, like all kids I had values like respect, honesty, adjusting etc. But when I entered in MSW I inbuilt values like dignity and worth of each person, Human Relationships, Integrity etc.

Now, I work on values and skills related to empathy, work relation. Then most important thing my duty towards Nation, actually during lockdown I realized to save nation we don’t have to opt national service, following orders given by government can serve the nation. Nationalism is not posting messages on 26th Jan and 15th Aug on social media. Nationalism is following duties of citizens.

Again, main question who I want to be? I want to be myself who can develop own set of skills and values. Also a good citizen of this nation who will stand when nation requires and oppose bad things in this nation.

At the end Alice will say, be yourself and find your own way. Be whatever you want to be and follow your passion.

  • By Shivani Remje
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