Context of the Problem

Context of the Problem

With the COVID- 19, panic, anxiety, stress among the children,  teens and their parents are on the rise. This is a time of massive upheaval.

Diminished means, elevated parental stress creates a massive challenge, especially for children and teens. A testimony to the crisis of care is that 3.07 lakh calls were received by ‘CHILDLINE 1098’, a helpline for children in distress across the country in the first 11 days of lockdown itself.

Hundreds of millions of children and teens around the world are likely facing increasing challenges to their safety and wellbeing. This has a direct impact on not just learning, but also on the mental and emotional well being of children and teens. It can directly impact the development of their brains and impair cognitive and sensory growth.

It is critical that parents therefore, be equipped to take care of their own emotional wellness to create a positive, responsive environment. Especially during a time when academic activities of children, their active socialization with friends and access to their preferred activities are restricted. A positive, responsive household environment can mitigate the negative effects of this outstanding circumstance.

About Counseling

About Counseling

Counselling involves conversation with a trained professional where the ‘client’ can explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. As a client, you can learn to reach your self-determined goals through meaningful, well-informed choices and through resolution of problems. When everything seems to be going sideways – when you feel hopeless and lonely, when you are experiencing anxiety or negative thoughts, when you feel disconnected from the world or experience overwhelming emotions, a counsellor will hear you out in a non judgmental manner and help you combat these issues. It’s not a lecture or an instructive process, but rather, a platform requiring significant efforts from your side to work on the strategies discussed by you and your counsellor. Counselling often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress.

About Tele-Counseling:

Tele-Counseling refers to the provision of counseling services using telecommunication technologies including email, video conferencing, online chat, messaging, or internet phone. Tele-psychotherapy would typically involve all aspects of counseling, except that it would be offered using telecommunication technologies.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Two pronged approach:

Platform approach: 1 to 1 therapy sessions with expert psychologists of Thatmate. Support is provided through individual and joint online sessions for children, youth and parents. A  25-30 minute session with experts is best for people with mild to moderate mental health issues. We also work on personal growth and well- being challenges. Mental health services like clinical psychologists, psychiatrist, suicide prevention helpline, child protection service can also be availed on our platform.

Chat Platform: Soon we are launching a chat platform for live chats with experts for all mental well being issues.

Teens:Teenage is the crucial part for overall development. If teens face problems like isolation, study pressures, social acceptance are not solved these come to haunt as emotional traumas in later stages of life. If you are feeling sad and you don’t know why, if you don’t feel like doing things, do you feel an unwanted expectations from your friends, family and teachers. Don’t delay just book an appointment; our experts will get back to you.

A session with our experts will help you realize mental inhibitions and we are here for providing an environment of holistic development, which you can easily sense by cultivating right attitude and confidence.

Parents:“Mamma you will not understand or Pappa you don’t know” are the most heard phrases from today’s millennials. If you feel there is an emotional or mental gap between you and your child, we have a solution for you, book an appointment with us.

We have a team of psychologist who have done extensive research in this area. We can help you with transition from parents to friends, understand your child’s perspectives and how to provide a warm, friendly and conducive environment. This will bridge the gap and help you in better parenting which we understand is the most difficult thing to do.

Youth: Social Acceptance, competitive exams, peer approval, challenging work life are the top of mind concerns of every youth. Nevertheless, it puts unwanted and unnecessary pressures, which often we don’t even realize. There are three aspects of a well developed personality that is cognitive development, emotional development and social development. Unfortunately, our education system focus only on cognitive development, that is why we have designed this program for social and emotional development.

Just book an appointment with our counselor, and we will help you distress your life, imparting right attitudes that will shine your personality. You can easily see results in terms of less pressure, happy life and better relationship with friends and family.

 Corporates:In this fast paced world, the pressure on employees to deliver consistently and remain motivated and energized is tremendous. Adding to the pressure family responsibilities are also there, directly taking a toss on employee’s productivity at work place. If you are looking for employees’ productivity enhancement, providing satisfying work environment, keeping employees happy, energized and motivated. We have a perfect solution for your company; just drop an email to us.

Our team of expert counselors will take regular sessions with employees at their convenience to distress them from any personal and professional problems, resolve family issues, workplace politics. You can easily measure results in terms of employee retention, increased topline growth and satisfied client base.

Our Counseling Psychologist ​

Our Counseling Psychologist ​

Medha Saharya is a Counseling Psychologist from Tata Institute of Social Sciences-BALM, Chennai. She has worked with clients ranging from 3 to 23 years old, along with their peers, parents and other family members across organizations in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Her therapeutic work is based on art, storytelling, play and other modalities to enable expression. At social gatherings, she can be found happily chatting with the younger ones and humming along to songs.

Asmita Dalvi is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She has worked with clients of all ages having various behavioural & emotional issues. She has a special interest in child and adolescent psychotherapy and has worked in the government and private sector developing modules and policies involving cognitive behavioural interventions. She is fuelled by her passion for understanding the human psyche and helping individuals overcome their problems.