Meet The Mates!

Task Force

When nothing works, WORK!

Madhavi Jadhav

The Ideator

A Petroleum Engineer by education and profession, a traveler, an avid reader, an aspiring writer, an optimist and a tennis lover. She worships Federer, loves Raymond Carver, and has a huge crush on Dhoni.


With ThatMate she wants India to be a safer place to live in!


#Funfact: She likes to dance on all those Bollywood cheesy numbers


The Perfectionist

Shruti is pursuing her Phd in environmental science from Houston, Texas. Planning random camping trips & sipping hot tea on a rainy day are two of her favorite things. True nature enthusiast & animal lover. She wants to save the earth one tree at a time!

Dr. Ambrish Dharmadhikari

The Advisor

Dr. Ambrish Dharmadhikari is psychiatrist based in Mumbai. He has been academically inclined from start. In under-graduation, he was fascinated by psychiatry. To pursue passion, he joined psychiatry at institute of excellence, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi. After completing  DPM and DNB (Psychiatry); He pursued post-doctoral training  from university of Pittsburgh, USA. He has written many research papers and chapters in book.

During his career, he came across stigma, lack of awareness in society about mental illness. Like all, he was not exception, for hunger to work for society and bring a change. For same, He is constantly putting efforts by writing educative newspaper articles, giving lectures, conducting school based programs and others. Currently he travelling on path with like minded, to bring a change in perception of society about mental health.

If you can't make money while you sleep, you have to keep working till you die.

Suraj Raina

Go Getter

Founder of Knowledge Proficiency, a blog dedicated to energy creating articles that focuses on oil and gas covering topics like production, drilling, reservoir as well as economics of the industry. Also, a Creator of the YouTube channel Suraj Raina Entertainment, which features comedic videos on roasting people, songs, and just a whole bunch of fun. He is the one who has a drive to drive the things. Loves marketing!

Life is a journey. You can only experience it one step at a time.

Tucker McGaw

Editor-in-Chief & Website Guy

Tucker is a senior manager, director, entrepreneur, consultant, and freelancer working with a number of companies around the world. He tackles things in a wide variety of specializations, although his primary focus is technology. He has decided to come aboard and assist as the Editor-in-Chief, Senior Content Manager, and website developer for ThatMate, utilizing his immense experience in technical, language, and communication know-how to deliver products that we can be proud of.


He is funny, outgoing, and easy to talk to. A definite asset our organization.


The Helping Hands

Dr. Jyoti Jagtap

The Expert

Doctor by occupation… no not the fake one like Ross 😛 a real doctor. A photographer whenever she gets a chance to click. An actor on and off the stage… and a writer in making.

With ThatMate, she wants to increase awareness about most sensitive and least talked topics in India.

#Funfact She has a special interest in child psychiatry.

Vedant Sudhir Domkondekar

The ‘To Go’ Guy!

He is there for nothing but will do anything and everything that comes to his way. A writer. A photographer. A cook. An amazing Flutist. A harmonica player. His half-life is music and theatre and the remaining half is engineering. Pt. Kumar Gandharva and Ghalib can make him talk 0till the end of the world.

#Funfact He is known as Domkya among his friends which is inspired from his weird surname Domkondekar.

Ritesh Kulkarni

The Wanderguy

He is the guy who loves to socialize. Eat-Travel-Repeat is the simple funda of his life. On his apache, you will often find him near famous food joints in Pune. With no big dreams in his eyes, he says every day is clean slate for him.

FunFact #Writing makes him nervous, even exams 😛