Test by Naresh

Madhavi Jadhav
(The Ideator)


She worships Federer, loves Raymond Carver and has a huge crush on Dhoni. She loves to travel, has done a solo Euro trip and plans to do an all India trip.
#Funfact She likes to dance on all those Bollywood cheesy numbers, sometimes even without beer!

(The ‘To Go’ guy!)

He is there for nothing but will do anything and everything that comes to his way. A writer, photographer, cook, flutist, harmonica player.
#Funfact He is known as Domkya among his friends which is inspired from his weird surname Domkondekar.

(The perfectionist)


She believes that world peace is possible only when people stop judging each other & start accepting more. Ordinary girl with small needs and strong opinion about women’s rights & animal welfare.
#Funfact Would prefer to die being known as the crazy cat lady.

Dr. Jyoti Jagtap
( The Psychiatrist )


Doctor by occupation…no not a fake one unlike Ross :P..a real doctor!! A Photographer whenever she gets a chance to click. An actor..on and off the stage.. And a writer in making…

Pranav D


A customized engineer and a quirky frugal head trouble shooter. He is a health freak and likes to hit the gym whenever possible. He is fond of Taylor Swift, Cranberries and on occasion plays classics collection of Mukesh, Rafi, Pankaj Udhas.
#Unquoted Pranav can eat and sleep at any time of day and his spontaneity in poetry remains unmatched.

Ritesh Kulkarni
(The Wanderguy)


He is the guy who loves to socialize. Eat-Travel-Repeat is the simple funda of his life. On his apache, you will often find him near famous food joints in Pune. With no big dreams in his eyes, he says everyday is clean slate for him.
FunFact #Writing makes him nervous.. even the exams 😛